AnniversaryMate is both an App and a Home Screen Widget - combine the two, and you'll never miss an important date again!

The Home Screen Widget shows the next contact to have either a birthday or anniversary, their name and in how many days the event will occur. The widget updates every 6 hours, so if you add a new contact or edit an existing one, the display may not update straight away. An update can be forced by pressing on the contact's photo. 2 days before the event, a notification will be fired by the widget - this will update over the next 2 days to ensure you don't miss those events.

The App also shows the next contact - but using the slide-out panel at the bottom of the screen you can view all of your contacts (as long as they have either a birthday or anniversary date), and select them. For a birthday, it'll show their zodiac star sign, element and which chinese year they were born in. For a wedding anniversary, some traditional and modern gift ideas will be displayed.

Coming Soon:

- Smaller home screen widget
- Sending "cards" via MMS or email
- Support for custom events from a Contact
- Support for events not associated with a Contact (like Christmas, for example)


Version 1.0.3: More Bug Fixes ;)
Version 1.0.2: Bug Fixes
Version 1.0.1: Fixed sort problem
Version 1.0.0: Initial Release