ShareMe - A UPnP/DLNA Media Server

Known Issues:

- On slower devices, there may be a problem when sharing large numbers of files. Some media renderers may timeout, meaning none or a subset of your shared media is displayed. We are actively working this issue - as a workaround, try sharing a smaller number of files.

- There is no metadata shown for the shared files. Again, this is high on our list, and will be implemented soon.

- Windows Media Player 12 does not update the file list. After extensive testing, it appears that WMP is caching the media that it receives, and getting it to show the current list of media is very difficult.

- ShareMe takes a while to appear on my device. Some (most?) Android devices do not properly support Multicast sockets - the technology that underpins UPnP. The way UPnP works is that a device would send out a search request, then servers would respond to this. But since the Android device may never receive this request, it doesn't respond either. To alleviate this a little we regularly send out announce messages across the network - between 45 and 90 seconds. This will be configurable in the near future.

- ShareMe takes ages to start. Before the actual UPnP data can be sent across the network, your share library is scanned - if you are sharing a large number of files, this could take some time. Please be patient, but we are working on speed improvements :)

- I copied some new files onto my device, but they don't show up after I add the EZ Share. This seems to happen if you copy files over a wireless connection, rather than using USB. There is a great app on the Market called "Reload SD" - try running that after you copy your files - it will force Android to update it's media database (which ShareMe uses).

If you discover an issue with ShareMe, please let us know, including details of the device you are using to view the shared media. This will help us to improve the application and speed up development. Many thanks!